Messaging apps were among the first to gain popularity among smartphone users nearly .A decade ago. There are different options on the market. Telegram, line, facebook messenger. Wechat, message, but the one with the greatest presence is Uruguay B2B List whatsapp. Messaging apps were among the first to gain. Popularity among smartphone users nearly a decade ago. There are different options on the market, telegram. Line, facebook messenger, wechat, imessage. But the one with the greatest presence is whatsapp. Of which 58 percent connect more than once a day, according to .Projected data in statista. Its popularity and traffic makes this application .A very attractive scenario for businesses (hence the launch of whatsapp for business).

Messaging Apps Were Among the First to

But also a perfect target for attacks by cybercriminals. In the last year, various attacks have been reported in which. Through supposed offers of some service or. Recognized brand to infect smartphones with malware or viruses. In order to attack the devices or steal the personal data of. The users; zara, netflix, the airline tam, are some of .The Uruguay B2B List brands affected. Now, a new scam is circulating on whatsapp that uses. An alleged promotion to get spotify premium free for one year. In reality, it is one more case of phishing that imitates .A website or, in this case, secure services -with recognition by users-.To provide a false link that what it seeks is to install itself on .The smartphone or other device with the application installed. To access and appropriate personal data. The largest number of reports are from spain.

Its Popularity and Traffic Makes This Application a Very

Uruguay B2B List

Where even the national police issued warnings through twitter so that users do not fall .For this alleged spotify premium offer. The case has been replicated in several latin american countries. Where the media have followed up. In mexico, for example, even .The verified twitter account of spotify mexico responded to a. User’s question in which she Uruguay B2B Listwarns her that the promotion “Is not .True” and provides a link to her official site. These types of scams are frequent on .Social networks and, unfortunately, cases are beginning .To multiply, especially on facebook and whatsapp. Although it should be noted that. Other social networks could also be a channel through which they are vitalized. The recommendation is not to open any link that offers promotions .Of this type and always check directly on the official sites or. Social network accounts to find out if there is such an offer.

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