Conclusions and analyses which would surprise not only their creators. But also anyone who would not be willing coming from the City to look for cinnamon on some peak. It is true that nowadays speech and philosophical thought are increasingly impoverished compared to the almost absolute dominance of humble images. And images have the power to achieve a meanness that reason cannot claim. The worst that can happen to him is to limit the number of words and empty the content of concepts. While nonsense and vulgarity. But in the eyes of those who deep down have little appreciation for the images they make and much. The reason they never served the latter can justify the former by substituting what our eyes cannot discern. At the same time reason gives a way out to the creators who did not know which way to go after the black squares of Reinhardt.

The picture has a larger scale of aesthetic

Teaching and Fashion The various schools of photography around. The world adopting the above approach led to the obligatory verbal support of the images which the budding Jewelry Retouching Service studentcreators are trying to create. In fact both before and after they make them. With the same method they ended up analyzing the images of the old and important photographers. However it is a common phenomenon that schools follow. Fashion since this facilitates the teachers but also the connection of schools with the market. The general logic of education. Today which is its relationship with the production machine is selfevident although not correct to influence artistic education as well. A few years ago abstract expressionism was imposed by bat or by implication. A few years later conceptual art and who knows what will follow. At this point it would be useful to cite some real examples so that the epidemic can be perceived in practice.

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Artistically annihilated the young photographer

At a fine arts school in France a young student was pressured to propose a topic on which to work. So far the practice is not reprehensible since a specific subject Consumer Lead which she would have chosen. Herself would have helped her to avoid the danger of dissociation and laxity. She chose the mirror as her subject an interesting subject general and abstract loaded with fairy tales and dual realities. From there however her teacher turned the requests into conditions. He asked her to study all the old photographers who had worked with mirrors so that she would not do something similar. He asked her for sketches and which he then intended to carry out. As well as argumentative support of what she wished to achieve in order to ultimately judge whether she achieved them. In this admirable way he greatly facilitated his work as a guide and critic but he since first he turned her into examples.

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