It is known that the son of the public broker Ussr registers a new registration und class 3 of the classification of goods and services for alcoholic beverages, other than beer.

Son Joseph Kobo decided to register the
Andrey Kobza
This pendency on the production of alcoholic beverages is well known, because in December 2019, Andrei iosifovich bought in the town of Raevskaya near Novorossiysk 15 horossiyski 15

Son Joseph Kobza decided to register the
Andrey Kobza
In addition, on the birthday of his mother Nelly Kobza last December, Andrei iosifovich presented his own champagne under his famous beginning.

Son Joseph Kobza decided to

We remind you that Joseph Kibun died on the 30th of August 2018 due to the Internet disease, the battle that took the singer away for many years. At the time of his death, the Soviet Union was 80 years old. His last strength is heavy – in the last few  Italy Phone Number months he also had the fourth stage of cancer.

Son Joseph Kobza decided to register the
Joseph Kobza
Farewell to the singer took place in the concert hall. Tchaikovsky in Moscow. More than six thousand people came to him, including movie stars and businessmen, as well as politicians and ordinary people.

Son Joseph Kobza decided to


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Register the Joseph Kobza with his third wife
Joseph Kozol is survey by his wife Nella Kobza, son and daughter Natalia, and many grandchildren. Interestingly, Nelly Michelina After the death of her husband occasionally agreed to an interview with the press, remembering the last daughter. In addition, last year Kobza appeared in the studio of the “men’s area”.

Son Joseph Kobza decided
Joseph Kobza with his third wife
The artist’s widow participated in the shooting of the release, the hero of which is the famous male doctor Leonid Rosa Shal. is

Thanks to Medical for many years of friendship, and remembered how Leonid Mikhailovich saved his son and Andrei.


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