If anything helped the development of Digital Marketing, it was that task management and automation software allowed us to increase quality at low cost. That is why the market understands quality, we all already know, for example, the difference between an Android and an iPhone. How do we know? Because Apple bases its marketing campaign on product quality as a great differential, its position is: it’s expensive, but it’s the best on the market!

The story here is very simple

Apple is the great example, since in this ad directed by Spike Jonze you can see that they never sell, they simply convey the quality that the brand brings to Chief VP Operations Email Lists life. The story here is very simple, you draw a parallel with your competitor and tell your audience: we are better than them! An anthological example is that of the Pepsi vs. Coca advertising war , or of course, the well-known McDonald’s vs. Burger King competition . Based on benefits Basing ourselves on the good that we cause our clients is also a way of marking our position.

We divide into several installments

Chief VP Operations Email Lists

Undoubtedly, this form of positioning is closely linked to the customer experience, because the benefits are always added value and it is on the purchase day that we study the best moments to offer them. “We are the fastest, we deliver at home, we accept cards, we divide into several installments”. The offer is: It’s not just about the product, it’s about the buying experience and after-sales . In this video you can see Dove ‘s example of why it is different. Based on problems and solutions This is for companies that have extremely niche products, such as medical insurance for a trip abroad or a loan from a bank.

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