According to Parameter data, 31.8 percent of the population in Mexico is in group D, the second lowest of the country’s socioeconomic levels. In Nepal B2B Listthe Mexican territory, there are around 131 million 554 thousand compatriots, according to data from the consultancy Countrymeters , of this total, 49.3 percent correspond to individuals of the male sex, while 50.7 percent of the population are people of the female sex. . Of this total population, it has also been segmented according to the index of socioeconomic levels , within which seven different levels are established, which are classified according to the ability to meet the needs of the members of Mexican households in terms of terms of life, health, energy, technology, prevention and intellectual development. Satisfying these dimensions determines your quality of life and well-being, according to research consultancy,

Within the Consultant’s Data It Is Indicated That

Parameter . Therefore, the composition of the segments is as follows: 12.5 percent of the population make up group “E”, that is, the lowest in the Nepal B2B List social pyramid. The bulk of the people are located in sector “D” with 31.8 percent; meanwhile, 19 percent settle in the “D plus” group; while in the “C minus” is 12.8 percent. As far as the highest levels are concerned, there is “C” with 10.7 percent; in turn the “C plus” with 9.3 percent; while the highest level, that is, the A/B, is made up of 3.9 percent of the population in Mexico . Within the consultant’s data it is indicated that, in what refers to the average years of schooling of the various groups, in A/B the percentage is 13.7; followed by C+ with 12.8; for its

Likewise, the Percentage of Rejection Is 7 Percent

Nepal B2B List

C is 10.6; the C- is 8.9; meanwhile, that of D+ is 8; while that of D is 6.3; and that of E is 3.8 years, that is, almost 10 years of difference in studies than the highest sector. Regarding negative situations experienced in a job or in the search for it, the Nepal B2B List numbers are reversed, 19.9 percent of segment E is unemployed or closed their own business; group D is 17.4 percent; the following groups D+ and C- tie with 13.1 percent; C has 11.3 percent; C+ has 8.9 percent; while the A / B has a 6.8 percent. Likewise, the percentage of rejection is 7 percent for E; 6.9 percent for D; 6.2 percent on the D+; 5.6 percent for C- and C;

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