With the aim of raising awareness among users of the use of social media and disseminating good digital practices. Why we do it social education is the name of .The HR Directors Email Lists project that is aimed at users who use social media every day and who intend to act directly within.The platform to sensitize users to responsible use of digital platforms. We often hear of social media as an artifact place, full of pitfalls for younger users and unknown to older users. Highlighting the negative phenomena that the development of digital has brought with it. However, social relationships, constant information.

The Current Numbers on the Use of Social Media

Can be a place full of opportunities and improve people’s lives.  In italy alone, there are more than 35,000,000 users online every day and .The HR Directors Email Lists data is increasing year by year. Hence the desire to bring out the potential of digital starting from a key word. Awareness . Only through the dissemination of awareness on .The phenomena underlying social media is it possible to educate users and stimulate them to reflect on .The positive and negative behaviors that see them as protagonists. For this, we have decided to make our digital knowledge available and commit ourselves to making social media a better place.

The Topics Covered Include Social Sharing and

HR Directors Email Lists

Therefore, individual and psychological phenomena behind. Current use of online communication tools. The digital and social channels of marketing espresso the movement ethicon digital and. The university network and include articles and social content including stories. Posts and reels to communicate social networks through the tools that these platforms make available to us. The topics covered include: social sharing and the psychology of sharing. Online information and disinformation, body image and the influence of social media as well as.

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