There the visitor can possibly find all the desir information. A good way to provide the customer with a quick response is to use a chatbot. They can answer the customer quickly with simple questions and, where necessary, transfer them to a customer service representative. If you use chatbots well, you relieve the pressure on your customer service , because they can take certain tasks off your hands. You also increase customer satisfaction, because customers can get a response faster and at any time of the day. The implementation of a chatbot does not have to be complicate at all. For example, Shopify merchants can use Instabot, the chatbot in the ecosystem. Woman replies to messages on social mia with article about social commerce.

Satisfaction Because Customers

Provide ambassadors Customer loyalty is an important factor for any company. After all, loyal customers are the basis of a successful company and ensure Bolivia Phone Number more turnover and lower costs. For example , the connection and involvement of the customer will lead to repeat purchases in the future . The experience of social commerce is much more interactive than in a webshop and offers more options for consumers. This greatly helps to increase your customer loyalty. The Shopify survey shows that the Netherlands is leading the way in the use of social shopping, something that will increase even further in the coming year.

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No less than a third ( %) of Dutch consumers made a purchase via a social mia channel last year, compar to a quarter ( %) of consumers worldwide. In addition, more than half ( %) of Dutch consumers indicate that they are likely to make a purchase via a social mia channel in the Consumer Lead coming year. By responding to these new online trends on social mia, entrepreneurs can ensure that consumers can easily share and like messages. These social mia platforms are therefore an excellent way for enthusiastic customers to share their (positive) experiences. In this way they can easily become brand ambassadors for your brand.

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