The consumer is one of the central pieces of the growth of companies.It is not for nothing that for a few years we can already talk about. The generation of strategies and even content focused on the client. In 2015, a pwc study showed that 63 percent of participating ceos listed. Efforts to cluster their companies around the consumer as one of their .Top 3 investment priorities.  As a marketing week article highlights, marketing is no longer about .What companies want to say to their consumers but about companies. Listening to their consumers in a way that they can provide them with meaningful solutions.

Last Thursday Snapchat Opened a Section Within the

Giving customers priority has important benefits for companies, data from cmo by adobe indicates. That companies that have this type of approach manage to. Be 60 percent more profitable compared to other firms that do not have it. However, to focus on customers it is necessary to know something beforehand, not all are the same. Below we present 3 types highlighted by the  Buy New Zealand WhatsApp Numbers think with google platform.  For companies it is. Important to keep up with that speed because it is a growing standard that puts brands .And businesses to the test since they have to know intuitively what a. Customer needs and when they need it so that it is delivered immediately. The curious as you might imagine.

Social Commerce Is One of the Great Promises to Capitalize on the

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These types of consumers are characterized by a reliance on searching or researching things. That might even seem insignificant to others. This search behavior before decision making is. Due to the increasing amount of data that is available to everyone today. It is about informed decisions. To reach this type of customer. Companies can develop aspects such as the generation of reviews that are visible. Obeying that psychological aspect of people that dictates what could or could not be a bad decision.

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