Do you have videos on YouTube, but they just aren’t pulling good Pakistan Phone Number List rankings in google and bringing you additional leads. If so, you are not alone. It’s one hell of a common frustration people feel after seeing other people’s .Videos ranking 1 for a keyword phrase for motivated sellers, buyers, or renters and they thought they did everything right and .That Pakistan Phone Number List their video was stuck on page 3 (or nowhere at all). I had the same frustration when I started real estate YouTube video marketing. It was frustrating knowing that I was following “All the steps” but just couldn’t get any of my videos to show up on page 1 of google.

YouTube Video Optimization Tip Optimize the Filename

Soon after, I started to realize that it wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong . Wasn’t doing enough to fully optimize my youtube videos. Especially if I was trying to rank for a very competitive keyword phrase. In a highly competitive real estate market. Phrases like “Sell my house fast fresno . Phrases people type in everyday to find a solution to their problem but tons of other investors and .Real estate agents were also trying to get in front of Pakistan Phone Number them on google with their own websites and videos. In this article, I’m going to give you some easy ways to add layers of optimization for your youtube videos so you can increase .Your youtube and google search engine rankings so you can add that extra online asset to help you attract more traffic, leads, and close more deals.

New Better Optimized Video File Names

Pakistan Phone Number List






Once I learned the basics of YouTube video marketing and optimization. I learned other, more advanced ways to get my youtube videos to rank higher Pakistan Phone Number List in. Google (and to generate more leads and leads). Offers in turn). Note: adding layers of optimization assumes that .You have also optimized your videos with title, description, and tags, which are the basis for optimizing your video. Let the party begin.


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