The role of marketing is to generate highly qualified leads for sales. With sales enablement content we seek much more than “good or acceptable”, we seek to activate the “thrive” mode in our teams and in our company. That’s the kind of marketing resiliency that technology makes possible for us and that organizations need right now. Encourage employee engagement Employee engagement in the US, for example, is incredibly low.

Encourage employee engagement

According to recent Gallup research, approximately 34% of employees feel regularly engaged at work . However, encouraging employee engagement is IT Directors Managers Email Lists an interesting goal, with companies with engaged employees experiencing a 21% increase in profitability and 59% lower turnover. How to encourage employee engagement? Marketers leveraging technology to escape survival mode are experiencing this phenomenon. They’re building a community that employees.

With 50% of the US workforce working

IT Directors Managers Email Lists

Choose to be a part of, so they’re there for more than just the salary or because “it’s their job.” Technology can encourage employee engagement by providing constructive feedback and giving them a voice in the goals of the organization. With 50% of the US workforce working remotely and many companies considering keeping a higher percentage of employees working remotely, this topic has become extremely relevant. Create brand experiences Ultimately, we’re creating a tech-enabled brand experience where content is a seamless extension of how customers use, enjoy, and share your product or service. Content experiences add value to whatever you sell.

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