The passion and nostalgia remained. In The right water temperature close to degrees. The cutting of the coffee which is modified according to the surrounding humidity. The amount of coffee for each serving about grams. The pressure in bar of the machine. The pressure of the coffee inside the measuring cup. The hot cup about degrees. And finally the mystery of the hand of the machine operator. It should also be noted that the coffee in the afternoon is usually better than. The morning because the machine has to work run to produce good coffee. As for cappuccino where the cream covers the coffee a little so that. The above is not so important our compatriots often have the bad habit of mixing it thus turning it from cappuccino to coffeemilk. I would certainly be happy if one day someone reads one of my books and says this guy was saying something good in the last century.

Reflection around art and its relationship

Probably because in this case those asking the questions give me the impression that they. Do not trust their own curiosity and innocence but are motivated Wedding Photo Editing more by arrogance and provocation. Towards something that eludes them and does not fit into their familiar hermeneutic schemes. Perhaps again the students are purified in my eyes by the fact that their presence in a lesson is in itself proof of the interest and humility with which they face an unfamiliar space. In any case the first finding that one comes to when faced with these questions is the wellknown absence of any artistic teaching. The education of modern Greeks. Most of these questions should have been answered or at least asked at ages much earlier than those of all my interlocutors. And this is not so that a rare and difficult identification of opinions has occurred but so that we can proceed to more substantial issues. With the specific photographic version of it in this case.

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Teaching fortunately began after the beginning

The worst thing is that the network of these questions does not usually come from a genuine. Primary question of a person who for the first time Consumer Lead comes into contact with. The artistic event but is usually the result of common. Rather incorrect premises which all halfeducated people in the salons regurgitate. The artist serves art must be educational art is communication the criteria are subjective what. I like is art my taste is the criterion what is beautiful is art art should be for everyone art should be democratic and not elitist. Many more which seem to have constituted a common code of art. I will then attempt to reconstruct some of these unwavering hot topic art sites. One of the most basic and common questions is the one related to the utility of art and the reasons that cause its birth. My involvement in of the bankruptcy of Marxist omnipotence.

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