REMOTE WORK: BUSINESSES YOU CAN. The way people earn their living is changing rapidly. We see more and more people starting to look for remote jobs and ways to make money online . According to Affde statistics , in 2020, the revenue generated by one of the largest freelance sites, Upwork, more than doubled compar to 2016, rising from 164 to 373 million.

The pandemic has certainly given all this

Also according to Affde research, 96% of those who start freelancing during the pandemic say they want to continue this job in the future. But looking for a job remotely usually means going through dozens of websites, not to mention the fact that “working remotely” can mean many different things.

With job opportunities becoming increasingly competitive, and sites continuing to spring up ensuring they are the best option for finding listings and ads, finding remote job vacancies that are trustworthy becomes more and more difficult.

That’s why we are ca to analyzing different remote job opportunities to offer you the best ways to work from home and earn a good salary.

We always hear about online jobs and, with Belarus Phone Number period we are experiencing, between digital nomads , smart working and freelance , there is a lot of confusion. Let’s try to clarify a bit, then, and first of all let’s see what it means to work remotely.

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What is remote work? 

Remote work means all those activities that can be caout outside the physical company headquarters. So also from home, but not necessarily.

The Italian term derives from the English one, remote work , and is a way of working that allows you to carry out your duties remotely, through the support of IT tools.

This type of work has been adopteot in this last period to avoid contacts in company offices, but the contractual relationships between company and employee have remainthe same.

Let’s say that, in this emergency situation, a sort of hybrid work has been cre which is no longer traditional work and which tends to lead to smart working, but maintains a clear difference with the latter that we will see shortly.

So what is remote work? Imagine it as a sort of container, or rather, a “container working mode”, which brings together all those activities that can be carri out, for one reason or another, outside the traditional workplace.

Different types of activities can be collected within this term. All of them can be car out outside the office, but each can have different contractual rules. Smart working, for example, is one of them.