Your recruitment strategy plays an important Cyprus B2B List role in attracting candidates and the experience of their candidate journey. You ensure that your company stands out and is distinctive. Let’s face it: in an overheated labor market, this is more Cyprus B2B List important than ever. For your inspiration, I have some rock-solid recruiting strategies for you. Kruidvat: the candidate journey Cyprus B2B List at its finest . The ‘Werken bij’ website of Kruidvat just makes me a bit warm (why so professional idiot?).

Kruidvat: the candidate Cyprus B2B List

If you put the candidate journey next to it, you will Cyprus B2B List encounter every step. Not only does it make applying for a job very easy, but you also get a good impression of the organization. I understand that they won the ‘Website of the Year 2021’ award. To give just one example: at the bottom of the vacancies it is explained exactly what the application process looks like. That process Cyprus B2B List is easy peasy lemon squeezy – you don’t even need to send your resume. Research has shown that millennials would rather clean a garage than make an appointment with an Cyprus B2B List employer ( Emerce , 2020).

Cyprus B2B List

Journey at its finest Cyprus B2B List

As a millennial, I can tell you that Cyprus B2B List cleaning out a garage is very low on my bucket list. If you make contacting us unnecessarily complicated, there is a good chance that you have lost us. working at page kruidvat And Kruidvat’s vacancy texts also contain that touch of Cyprus B2B List creativity that sets you apart from another employer. The lyrics are nice and light-hearted and easily written. You can see that Kruidvat has mapped out well who the target group is. This is how you Cyprus B2B List can find this tool in the vacancy for stock fillers:

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