With the new update of the facebook algorithm that will arrive in a few months. Many companies and agencies are already beginning to prepare for the Accounting Directors Email Lists potential changes .That they could experience on their pages, because as the social network itself indicates. Less public content will be displayed including videos and other posts from advertisers and businesses. Geo marketing data reveal that in 2017 the number of business pages. In mark zuckerberg’s social network reached 65 million. Of which 4 million actively use advertising and until 2016 they had contributed 26.8 billion .Dollars in revenue. Advertising revenue for facebook, according to statista. As you can see, the competition is tough with companies of all kinds of lines and therefore it will be more important to stand out.

With The Future Change That Facebook Will Experience

An important part will be being able to add more and more fans to the accounts to boost. The scope and engagement that will be key to Accounting Directors Email Lists not losing visibility in the future. Therefore, it is suggested to take into account the following recommendations that will help gain more likes on. The company page without the need to focus all efforts .On paid campaigns for that purpose: define objectives. The first point to achieve growth consists of establishing the objective. To which you want to reach. Network managers need to determine .A realistic and measurable target number to begin measuring progress over time. Having this is crucial to make comparisons between what works and what doesn’t when trying to win fans. Improve the page. The second point is to generate a good impression on people when they arrive at the page.

To Reach New People It Is Necessary That

Accounting Directors Email Lists

for this it is essential to optimize it and adjust it according to the company’s own identity with quality images and complete and updated information in the relevant sections intended for it. . Create better content: With the future change that Facebook will undergo, the content will be even more important to be able to appear in people’s news feed. That’s why you Accounting Directors Email Lists should avoid content that is entirely promotional in nature or that is disguised as normal content but ends up trying to sell something, insist that people participate in some kind of promotion or use the same information from the ads. The pieces created must be relevant, entertaining and must add some value so that people are more motivated to share and interact in other ways. Increase visibility:

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