A powerful organic reach and a huge increase in brand awareness . How does marketing orchestration work in practice? You already know the benefits of Orchestration Marketing and you know that the term refers to a series of interactions that contribute to the same end. However, how does that happen in practice? Well, a strategy with this approach works in a system of “plays” , in which each one represents a series of actions aimed at achieving a business objective.

However, how does that happen in practice

When orchestrating the plays, you can guide yourself according to 5 categories: Intention and commitment; MQA; Shake the tree; Close Business Development Directors Email Lists play; Lost game play. It is important to emphasize that all plays can involve both automatic and manual elements. Next, we will talk about how each of the above categories works. Play of intention and commitment When someone interacts with your content, it shows the intention to establish some kind of relationship with your brand.

Next, we will talk about how each of the above

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Then, it is up to you to orchestrate the process necessary to transform this commitment into conversion. From a multi-channel orchestrated play, you can influence the lead’s decision and direct them to the next stage of the funnel. Below, check out an image taken from an infographic by Engagio , which offers an example of a game of intent and participation. These leads show a keen interest in closing a deal.  In this way, you show concern for the experience and increase the chances of conversion.

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