This made it super simple for partners UK Phone Number to copy and paste the text and links, rather than having to manually write something UK Phone Number themselves — making them more likely to share as they don’t have to do any work. Before emailing any of your partners about promoting the giveaway, create a swipe file that contains everything they need: Social media and email copy. Images, videos, and relevant content.

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Contest details such as prizes and UK Phone Number closing date.)If you don’t have any partners on board with your giveaway already, take a leaf from Sam Jeffries’ book and start reaching out to big names in your industry. When promoting his giveaway, Sam emailed 37 bloggers and UK Phone Number ended up grabbing a feature on three blogs. These blogs also shared the giveaway on social media and one even featured Sam’s giveaway in their newsletter. Here’s a copy of the email Sam sent so you can use it for your own giveaways.


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Recently read your post about side UK Phone Number hustling and it really made me think. Found it especially interesting how many millennials are UK Phone Number freelancing nowadays. Quick question… I’m giving away 10 personal finance books. Would love to explore putting this in a small place on your site. Happy to promote your content on my social channels in return. Interested? -Sam To find the best people to reach out to, head to Google and search for.

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