There are a few general rules to follow when creating your website. If you already have an established e-commerce website, you’ll probably need to make some changes. The three-click rule The number one rule to keep in mind is that none of your products should be more than three clicks away from a page on your site. The more clicks it takes to get to Ivory Coast Phone Number List a product, the lower your conversion rate will be. The easiest way to organize your content is to create categories for each product and then subcategories under those. From this subcategory page, your customers should be able to choose products. This method is equivalent to Ivory Coast Phone Number List three clicks from your home page. However.

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you can only have one level of categories if you don’t have many products. Either way, you need to make sure your products are organized in some way. Having unorganized products can make finding products difficult. Your customers won’t appreciate how hard you’ve made it to find what they want. In fact, they might leave the site altogether. Many e-commerce site owners find it difficult to control their click-through rate because they want their site to Ivory Coast Phone Number look clean and pretty. However, there are still plenty of ways to keep your website looking great while keeping search engine optimization in mind. Simple is better Ivory Coast Phone Number List When considering creating your categories for your products, you should keep it simple. When customers search for their favorite products, they search for general terms rather than specific terms. Your categories should not be too specific.

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If you want to give your customers the ability to choose more specific colors, sizes, styles, and other features, you should do so through product filtering rather than categories. For example, a clothing store might divide its products by sex and then by gender. When their customers view the listing under these categories, they should filter by Ivory Coast Phone Number List their preferred size and color. Having a cleaner look for your website is better for general viewers. They won’t be overwhelmed with too many items and can quickly find what they need.

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