Illustration of controlling supervisor and the negative effect on the employee Source: Martine Veeger Of course, there must be a healthy dose of control, structure and innovation, otherwise it threatens to become a mess. Yet you can set the clock right that one or more of these patterns will lead to irritation in someone within the organization. If you see through such patterns, you can also break them more easily. This sometimes also immutably takes the sting out of a situation or conflict. Because the unwind behavior often turns out to be a very understandable reaction, as long as you look at it from the other person’s perspective.

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Take a selfie To be able to break through a negative pattern in your own organization, it is important to first get a good picture of the situation. You do this in the following steps Describe the situation that you find unpleasant. Who are involv? When does this situation occur? Describe the Chile Phone Number behavior of a colleague that bothers you and what you want to change. What characterizes the behavior? What are your thoughts and feelings about this behavior? What is your usual response to this behavior? What thoughts and feelings might the other person have with your response? Is this an explanation for the persistence of the undesirable behavior? Recognize illustration of negative patterns with a so-call selfie Source.

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Martine Veeger Example: “We put it on the checklist” In the introduction to this article, I already mention an example of a situation in which I am disturb by the Consumer Lead behavior of a colleague: when a website is deliver, Google Analytics is not (correctly) set up, as a result of which valuable data has been lost. A solution that we have devis within our organization is to draw up a checklist. We use this to build a kind of protocol around the delivery of a new website. The selfie If you take this situation as a starting point, my selfie looks something.

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