Of the virtually lack of people over fifty and sixty in that world?” Someone wrote this in a response to an earlier article on Frankwatching about organizing diversity in Jamaica Phone Number List communication teams . Dozens of you took the trouble to answer the question form below that article. Sometimes short, but more often very extensive. That gave new starting points for this sequel. Exactly what we had in mind. With insights, and above all: tips and suggestions. The most important conclusion: diversity in communication teams is not a social theme, it is about professionalism.

Question Albeit Somewhat

That Jamaica Phone Number List was the first surprise. For example about age.  In a world full of women; white women. And, indeed: diversity is of course also about color. Many of you have already started Jamaica Phone Number List a discussion in your teams about more diversity. The first hurdle, according to you, is often the same: the ‘incumbent’ thinks that everything is not that bad. “In terms of employees, our organization is white, highly educated, they all come from a similar background,” says Noortje Heijnen. “And that’s what our audience looks like.” She works as a senior marketer for what she calls a culture factory. An environment in which diversity is highly valued, especially on stage.

Succinctly What Characterizes

Jamaica Phone Number List

This is not yet reflected in the personnel policy. “It is still Jamaica Phone Number List believed that we can attract the other target groups. But we will continue to do the same. So I started the discussion that we need to be more diverse internally before we can attract a different Jamaica Phone Number List audience.” Her preliminary conclusion. That conversation is now ajar, Hard of Hearing Sixties What did Maria*, head of communications for a company with several foreign offices, do? “Defending the right to exist of a very hard of hearing person over sixty,” she says. “Someone who was not particularly well-positioned, who did not have a good connection with the decision-makers in the company. Who sometimes evoked resistance because of her disability”.

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