In mexico, the figure of 13 thousand 659 million pesos represents the investment in. The promotion agency industry during 2017.  promotions. In mexico, the figure of 13 thousand 659 million pesos .Represents the investment in the promotion agency .Industry and speaks of the result of the efforts of the agencies. By placing the industry as a priority. According to .The ranking of promotion agencies 2017.

In Mexico, the Figure of 13 Thousand 659 Million

Carried out by the same source, brands especially trust btl activations and these. Are the first reason to Buy France WhatsApp Numbers contact agencies in this area. Beware of black friday deals but when it comes to .Social media promotions , are they worth it or. Doomed to fail? According to the researchers.These are recurrent and effective in terms of digital promotions.

This Year, Higher Figures Are Expected in Terms of

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In fact, the 5 promotions of this nature most used by agencies are .Social media contests 34.1 percent data logging 28.6 percent .Trivia 14.1 percent exclusive discounts 13.5 percent electronic. Wallet 9.7 percent merca2.0 researchers invite you to participate in the .Ranking of promotion agencies 2018 to learn. About the panorama that surrounds them, you just have to click on .The following image and you can support with your data.

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