There are situations when the site engine simply does not allow the second language version to be implement on it. This often happens on self-writing engines. In this case, updating the functionality can become too costly and time-consuming. Then the owner of the resource should think about moving the site to a more advanc platform. Do not forget about regular updates of all language versions – maintaining the relevance of content will allow you to receive stable traffic and will have a positive effect on your reputation. When to translate contextual advertising into.

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Nuances The Law “On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as a State Language” also affects the field of contextual advertising on the Internet. One of the Jordan Phone Number provisions of the law enter into force six months after the publication of the document, and it concerns advertising: now all electronic commerce, which is distribut on the Internet by an electronic commerce entity on its own behalf, must be in the state language. At the same time, if you study the new bill in more detail, as well as the laws “On Advertising” and “On Electronic Commerce”, you can come to an interesting conclusion: the strict requirements are not so strict.

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Article 30 of the new draft law states that online stores are allow to provide customer service in the language in which the customer is most comfortable communicating. Bas on this, the store has the full right to display text advertisements in Russian for the client who enter a query in the Consumer Lead bar in Russian. At the same time, any graphic advertisement must be exclusively in the Ukrainian language – this point is clearly indicat in the draft law. A business can run text ads in Russian if among its customers there are those who are more comfortable communicating in this language. But graphic advertising should still be launch in Ukrainian, even if you still do not have a Ukrainian-language version of the site.

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