During the first weeks of this year, many were the changes that were registered in .The platforms of social interaction. From facebook .To youtube to instagram, the modifications that the main social networks. Underwent have set off alerts among advertisers. Who find in these spaces an ideal way to. Connect with the target audiences that are increasingly. Closer to these communication spaces. According to figures from a report by hootsuite and we are social. Social networks have penetrated 50 percent of the world’s population. In fact, during 2017, there was a 21 percent growth in the user base .Of social networks around the world. Faced with this growing market.

Social Networks Have a 50 Percent Penetration of the

Brands invest around 30 percent of their budget in marketing strategies through social networks. To be more precise, figures from Brand Watch show that around the Buy Hong Kong WhatsApp Numbers world more than 50 million businesses use Facebook pages. While 25 percent of the traffic generated by online retail businesses comes from Pinterest, while promoted tweets can increase sales of a service and/or product by up to 25 percent . One of the great attractions of social networks was the great reach and influence that could be acquired organically. Brand investment was minimal and the results were exponential in terms of exposure as well as reach.

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They Recorded a 21 Percent Growth in User Base

Social networks However, given the saturation of the media and recent changes in information delivery algorithms, this benefit is diminishing. Brands now have to invest larger budgets to manage their actions on social networks, a situation that only promises to increase over time. The organic reach is decreasing and the conclusions of various studies reveal that publishing on social networks without paying is increasingly a waste of time. If you have doubts about it, we share data that proves Holliday estimates reveal that 50 percent of consumers ages 18 to 24 have considered leaving social media, while a third of them have already left a major social network permanently .

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