The only duty of the State is to show its members the roads that lead to it so that whoever needs it can seek it. The creative and positive ego of the artist is interpreted by many as elitism. This term is used most of the time with a negative connotation as if the world is afraid of the existence and acceptance of the opinion of the best. If however we accept for the needs of our reasoning this negative approach we should note that bad elitism begins to show. Ignorance combined with complicity and with the denial of all constitute a mixture of explosive provocation. I have encountered this audacity of halfknowledge very often and it has almost always caused me more sorrow than anger. And this is because I feel that it hides more fear than malice or stupidity. Today’s man cannot accept his ignorance. The means of communication and the manner of his upbringing have given him a false confidence and a defensive brazenness similar.

Knowledge and thought the only other basis

Each of us always has a lot to learn no matter what we already know. After all the adventure of creation is at the same time an adventure in the world of knowledge. Art even escapes the logical Photo Background Removing dimension of established knowledge and requires different tools to extract it. The receiver of art cannot but be an active receiver. And this requires knowledge thought and effort. The average person in our time has not learned to invest in his and above all no effort. He therefore considers that something he does not enjoy is bad. Or at best that it is bad for him. And it is fortified behind the walls of subjectivism. This frees him from any effort but also from any future possibility of considering it good. Since his opinion is not based on can only be his taste. But taste is only the last and certainly not insignificant stage of our choices. And it’s actually less arbitrary than it seems.

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The personal choices and preferences of each

Formation knowledge and intellectual effort play an important role. Therefore the criteria in the field of art may not be logically describable but they Consumer Lead do not cease to be based on. A basis of objectivity which is knowledge especially knowledge of the past. Especially when we accept that one of the basic characteristics of art is its linear straight or circular course through time and its uninterrupted connection with its own past. The judgment for her is always comparative. The masterpiece would not be conceivable without the monstrosity. Not even today’s masterpiece without its counterpart past. Knowing this course and relationship determines our judgment of the work of art but even more importantly our enjoyment. Consequently no one tries to exclude towards art. Only he has to accept and understand that they are less subjective and more objective than he thinks. Objective knowledge will give him the right to subjectivity.

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