Place in a photograph isolated from everything else that ran with it in life. Cut off from duration acquires another function and is upgraded to something that. Now decisively affects the life of the image in a way that is not true in reality. The photographer catches details and reoffers them mutated. That is why the viewer recognizes that the familiar he sees is at the same time unique. The individual information that. A photographic image gives can be varied and relate to many people from different angles. Artistically however the only information that is of interest is the entire image and only this one. For this reason however what is enclosed in the frame of the photographic image. Even what does not carry any recognizable element any specific information absolute black or white have the same importance as any other millimeter of the image. The photographer talks to them too. Like the composer with the pauses and the poet with the void.

A photograph moves towards narrative

The use of these areas which have no information carries.The same weight and expresses functionality and values ​​to the same extent as a part of the frame it describes. The unambiguous content Photo Restoration of a photographic image no matter how important it is cannot generate tensions and stir curiosity. The artist is the more skilled the more complex and contradictory he can make his work. So that while the viewer tries to give the work a direction and an interpretation at the same time this point of view is negated by the work itself. In other words there should be intertwined readings. While its composition pulls it towards aestheticism. The harsh humor of an image to be balanced with the curves of the form. It is a pendulum that the more extreme its movement to one side the more dynamic its return to the other. Ultimately the game of opposites ends up in a game of balance. Ultimate simplicity will hide excessive complexity.

Photo Restoration

Photography is born from the body of reality

The immature chatter of many young creators who wish to include. Each photo what they know or imagine suffocates the work creates confusion Consumer Lead visual and mental noise. It reminds me of the architects who add Arabesques out of selfinterest to prove that they can or the authors who write their first book as if it were their last. Each image must have a rhythm a breath and convince itself that it epigrammatically isolated something. Otherwise what would be the reason to stop time and limit space Thus in every good photograph there is one dominant element the genius. Find which carries its weight framed of course by the supporting details. It is about the magical moment. The charismatic addition about that minimum that owes its presence to the artist’s talent and intelligence. Its absence would leave us with. It is a choice based on exclusion. The photographer creates by excluding elements of the world that he does not wish to include in his frame.

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