Revolution perhaps we had each time a genius sealed with the originality that its uniqueness itself constituted. The history of art with something that without this genius could not exist. And this does not constitute evolution but a bright exception after which of course evolution is always different. This study of history shows that the only new that can exist in art is the individual artist. Which emerges from a stable longterm course which has nothing to do with. The rushed and stressful changes per decade which the contemporary artistic train tries to impose. The Past and Boundaries It is not only the techniques that follow the reasoning. The fashion world these days but also the ideas which in turn of course influence the former. One of them widely spread since it fits with today’s need to invest minimal effort and minimal knowledge argues. The past of art does not interest us since art is already dead. This trend of the final end of everything already dubbed as.

Art presupposes a education a culture

However for whatever reason this view has prevailed we can if not refute it. Since who can know when the coming end at least bypass it as inconclusive. She would certainly be Clipping Path Service more respected if her supporters refrained from any action. Like an elderly person who faced with his imminent end refuses to manage. Life anymore and either lies down waiting for death or hastens it by suicide. But those who remain creating what do they do in relation again to a past they deny. But even if we accept that we live an end and we live it in the sense that we deal with it we will behave. The only way we know that of the living duration rather as the thinker Axelos aptly observes that the end may last longer than life. After all the denial of the life of which means nothing more than a relationship with the past. In fact this end typically has a life of almost a century if we consider that.

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Photographs of worthy and great photographers

The study of the past and not only of the works as such but also. The theoretical texts informs us that even two thousand years ago Consumer Lead the essential problems of art were roughly the same. If we add that the essential existential problems of man must not have radically changed either then we conclude that. Art throughout its history was nothing more than an effort of individual people This shift proves an alignment with the rest. The art world which in schematic terms is divided between entertainment where any event even applied or decorative. Art and the area where allegedly contemplative artistic analysis dominates. Of course there are works that are happy to belong to both. Categories and in fact this happens with the lowest and most obvious among them since these characteristics ensure both the breadth. The entertainment function towards the public and the theoretical basis of the analysis for the benefit of specialists. This analytical treatment of to despised.

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