To a large amount of advertisements both on traditional media and especially on socia media. A marketing strategy that has achieved excellent results in the Payroll Directors Email Lists past years. Which however requires a change of course to keep up with the demands of consumers.  The real influence on which marketing must focus is the f factor: most customers believe more in the . F factor ” (friends, families, fans and followers) than in marketing communications. Almost everyone asks for advice from complete strangers on social media and trusts them more than advertising and expert opinion.

Kotler’s Funnel Papillon

Philip kotler this has been one of the strengths of platforms such .As amazon and tripadvisor which have created a virtual community where all users can exchange advice before purchasing. A product or service. Kotler’s funnel papillon one of the Payroll Directors Email Lists extremely positive notes of. This book is the alternation of practical and theoretical parts that make. It really smooth and easy to understand. A funnel is an ad-hoc process created by companies to attract hypothetical users, transform them into potential consumers and ultimately convert them into real buyers. Companies operate in different markets, and for each of them a specific funnel is used to help achieve a certain goal.

How the Vision of the Customer Changes According to Kotler

For instance, kotler, starting from the very famous aida model (attention, interest, desire and action). Introduces his funnel defined by its “bow tie” shape. Aware : In conclusion, the brand must attract the attention of the user who does not yet know the product / service appeal . The Payroll Directors Email Lists brand must be able to intrigue the customer through interesting content;ask . If the first two phases worked, the customer will start looking for information about the brand;act . This is the moment of monetization for the brand, in which the customer makes one or more purchases advocate if. The customer appreciates the product, he will spontaneously recommend it and .The brand will get free advertising. The element that kotler adds compared to the previous funnels is the advocacy : advocacy, also called word of mouth.

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