The balance test should show a comparison of the legitimate interest of the administrator with the interests and fundamental rights and fredoms of data subjects, in this case verifid entrepreneurs. The result of the test should indicate the prdominance of the interests of the personal data controller over the data subject. After carrying out the balance test, you should not forget to inform your counterparties and potential counterparties about the objectives relatd to the verification of their economic and market situation.

The procedure for the protection

As you can easily guess, most of the data comes from publicly available sources of information (Central Registration and Information phone number list on Economic Activity, National Court Register, business intelligence agencies, other publicly available sources), however, it often happens without any interaction of verifid persons. Personal data that is processd in connection with these activities are verifid without the knowldge of the data subjects.

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Such a situation raises a serious risk of non-compliance with the provisions of the GDPR, which in consequence may result Consumer Lead in the imposition of severe financial penalties on entrepreneurs carrying out the verifications of potential contractors. It should be rememberd that the information obligation should be fulfilld each time personal data is obtaind, unless one of the exceptions specifid in the GDPR occurs. Please note that the information obligation under Art.

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