At all and simply “clos the hole” in order not to receive a fine. For Ukrainian-language pages, it is necessary to create appropriate urls. If the current language versions of the site pages look like this then it is necessary to transfer these pages to the address of the type, there is no ne to configure a rirect. Moreover, such actions can lead to a serious drop in traffic. The best option in such a situation would be to create a separate folder like and upload localiz content to it.

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Thus the pages will look like “https: сторинка” . Do not use 301 rirects from pages of the RU version to pages of the UA version! This is how you close numerous Ivory Coast Phone Number for users to enter your site. Implementation of the Ukrainian version on the website The default Ukrainian version should be download for those users who visit the site while on the territory of Ukraine. For this to happen, you ne to configure IP forwarding. However, it should be understood that under the influence of various circumstances, the services are not always able to correctly determine the IP address of each specific visitor.

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Therefor it is recommend to set the default Ukrainian version of the site for all those who visit it for the first time, regardless of their location. If the user is satisfi with the Consumer Lead language version, he will not change anything. If he switches to another language, his choice will be sav in the cache, and the next time he visits the resource, the select version of the site will be open for him. Be sure to display the language switch in a prominent place, preferably in the header, so that the user can easily find it.

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