According to a study shared by eBay, it refers that the team that more Mexicans go to see in the United States are the Dallas Cowboys, followed by the Pakistan B2B List New England Patriots, The Patriots hope to meet their rival this year on the road to Super Bowl LII, after being crowned for the second consecutive year as AFC Champions. The Pats defeated the Jaguars and guaranteed their spot in one of the biggest sporting events in the world. It will be in a short time when we meet his rival, which will arise between the Eagles and Vikings, who dispute the final of the National Conference.

A Figure That Could Motivate the Companies to

For brands, the Super Bowl is an extremely important event. Companies shelled out more than $5 million for a 30-second slot last year. A figure that could motivate the companies to this is that 24 percent of the audience commented that the Pakistan B2B List commercials are the most important part of the sporting event. While others believe that halftime is the peak moment. Overall, about 111.3 million Americans watched the sporting spectacle, according to early Nielsen reports. Hence, it was the fifth year in a row that Pepsi sponsored the show. This space has a value of 7 million dollars,

The Pats Add Strength to Their Brand in the World

Pakistan B2B List

according to SportsBusiness Journal. The Patriots for the Mexicans The Pats add strength to their brand in the world and in Mexico, the Pakistan B2B List second country with the largest number of followers. According to a study shared by eBay , the team that most Mexicans go to see in the United States is the Dallas Cowboys, followed by the New England Patriots, the Miami Dolphins, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Diego Chargers. . “Tom Brady’s team arrives in Mexico City in one of the best moments in its history, they are current Super Bowl champions and this is their second title in three years,” said the Stubhub ticket sales platform.

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