One woman says she checked with the airline beforehand to make sure she could bring. Her hamster pebbles on board. Incidents involving pets on .Airlines are becoming more and more common the most controversial case at the start. Of the year is that of united airlines and a woman at the. Newark airport because she intended to travel with a peacock as a support animal. Now, the controversial case of belén aldecosea.21, has emerged, who accuses spirit airlines of causing her to. Throw her hamster down the toilet. The passenger said she checked with the airline beforehand to. Make sure she could take pebbles on board. The user certified her as an emotional support pet.

One Woman Says She Checked With the Airline Beforehand to Make Sure

However, before boarding, the airline prohibited him from passing. Since she needed to return to her house in Florida for a medical issue and she couldn’t miss the flight, she tried to rent a car, but hours passed and she didn’t know france mobile number list what to do. 5 remote jobs with six-figure salaries “Pebbles was scared. I was scared,” she told the local Miami Herald newspaper. He detailed that when consulting one of the employees, he advised him to let it escape or flush it down the toilet . It was horrifying to think about flushing it down the toilet. After crying for 10 minutes, she finally did. She let him go down the drain.

Are Becoming More and More Common . The Most Controversial

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Derek Dombrowski , a spokesman for Spirit Airlines, acknowledged that the company made a mistake in assuring him that he could travel with Pebbles , but he categorically denied that an airline representative suggested disposing of the animal in one of the airport bathrooms. To be clear: at no time did any of our agents suggest that the passenger flush the animal down the toilet or injure it Both cases mentioned open an opportunity for airlines regarding which animals and under what conditions pets should be allowed to travel on commercial flights.

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