In other words: connect life worlds, opt for Italy B2B List openness and break the circle of mistrust. This is a tough challenge, because how do you convince, for example, the board or supervisors to dare to be really transparent (and vulnerable)? Renata Verloop discusses this issue in her article on Frankwatching and offers 3 principles for Italy B2B List government communication to start the discussion. Trend 4. Technology as a new language The Logeion TrendTeam states that technology (after language, image and behaviour) has become a natural part of the communication mix. Technology is mainly left to the ‘Italy B2B List techies’, but it is time for communication people to delve into it more. Why is this trend called tech as a new language?

Technology as a  Italy B2B List 

Take, for example, the poignant example of the Rotterdam police, who Italy B2B List in a video have 13-year-old Sedar Soares make a call to find his killer. Jaap de Bruijn: “If you know how to use technology in this way, it is more than a Italy B2B List technique. You communicate on a different level.” Choose, experiment and learn! This trend is therefore also a direct challenge for the communicado’s. Take a good look at the developments around you, Italy B2B List or what you read on Frankwatching.

Italy B2B List

New language Italy B2B List

Artificial intelligence, deep fakes and the metaverse are just a Italy B2B List few examples that can change communication. You don’t have to see this (just) as a threat, but also as an opportunity to communicate more effectively. Make Italy B2B List sure you know what’s possible. Experiment with new technologies (what’s more fun than playing?). Get Italy B2B List to know them better and discover what they can do for your organization.

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