You’re doing with consumer surveys, and provide you with a general scope of purchasing behavior for your target customer. Again, the key is to be as specific as possible in your online searches. Instead of searching for a term such as “women’s shopping trends,” try searching for something like. Women’s shopping behavior and consumer insights 2018.” Specific searches lead to some incredible insights. Such as this Why Women Buy research from Merkle.

Such as this Why Women

Screenshot showing a graph Now, you have some specific, actionable data from more than 887 women aged 18-37 that you can immediately apply to your product Switzerland Phone Number or service. For example, you could run a series of successful Instagram advertisements using this knowledge to shape the type of creative you use, the headline you write, and the call to action. Your Instagram ad might include a headline that mentions Price (based on your consumer report research),

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Instagram advertisements using

And a caption that shows a real customer review or testimonial. Or, since you know that Recommendations from family/friends are important to your target audience, you could run an influencer marketing campaign to help increase conversions and sales to your product. Facebook Audience Insights Quite possibly the most underrated ecommerce market research tool available is Facebook Audience Insights. If you have a Facebook Business Page.

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