This test was a very similar change to test #1. On this website praised by InvestorCarrot members, we simply changed the copy of the button from a basic descriptor, “Submit here which the client changed the button to this text away from our text Spain Phone Number List by default of “Let me see available houses so we wanted to test it again just to prove why it was there in the first place. A rent-to-own real estate investment website will have a much higher conversion rate than an incentivized seller website, simply because of the nature of the lead type. But the concept still held up in this case with a completely different type of website and type of prospect. Why.

How to Change Submit Button Text on Carrot Websites

It’s ingrained in us as humans to want to take the easiest path…the one with the least resistance. If I landed on this website because I did a Spain Phone Number Google search for local houses for rent and this button reinforces exactly what I want to see “homes available” right now, I don’t can’t help but follow this path and make my brain happy. This conversion psychology is built into all of our InvestorCarrot websites and we continually test and improve every month. The results: The variant whose button copy was most relevant to what the website visitor thought performed 9.63% better.

One of the Most Important Parts of a High Converting

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What does that mean? For every 100 visitors to your website, you will get 3 more “free” leads. Over 1,000 visitors to your website, you will get 30 more leads. If you could place just 1 in 30 qualified leads in a deal that earned you $10,000…that’s $10,000 in extra profit per 1,000 visitors without adding extra traffic to your website. Free money. rent to Spain Phone Number List own websites We ran the exact same test on a number of other websites both InvestorCarrot and non-Carrot sites and the results were similar. So be sure to update the call to action text on your submit buttons to add m

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