The word “big screen” has been widely mentioned in recent years, and almost all. Walks of life hope to use “big screen” to digitally upgrade their products or businesses. At the same time, it attracts more and more designers to be optimistic about the future prospects of large-screen visualization.

As a relatively cool interface display Saudi Arabia Mobile Number method with both interaction and vision, it can not only display multiple scenes on one screen at the same time, but also bring a strong visual impact to the viewer, so that they can intuitively understand the desired Real-time dynamic information to be concerned about, or analyze the current and future status and trends through the data chart on the big screen.

What is data visualization?

First of all, let’s understand what is “data visualization”?

Data visualization is the process of visually expressing abstract concepts and visualizing abstract languages ​​Saudi Arabia Mobile Number with figurative graphics. A simple understanding is to present data in a visual form, such as charts or maps, to help people understand the data itself and the meaning behind it.

The principles of data visualization

A basic principle of data visualization is to present valuable data and insights through concise, accurate, and insightful charts.

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Therefore, visualizing data is not just a list of simple charts, but more importantly, it explains the meaning behind the data (actual problems & solutions); however, many times we just show a lot of cool Saudi Arabia Mobile Number charts, but do not solve any practical problems Problems; or data information with high value, not using a suitable presentation method, resulting in unclear expression, and losing in this “final”.

A chart needs not only to provide reference value. But also to take into account the speed at which the reader understands the information. If it only provides value, but it is time-consuming to understand. It must be inefficient; if the data information is clearly displayed, but If it can’t provide enough value, then it’s just “empty appearance, lack of inner”.

As a designer, when we visualize a set of data, it is often already processed data. We only need to optimize the chart, without paying attention to how the original data is . In this case, the task of the designer is relatively simple.

However, the processing and analysis of raw data is actually very . I have the opportunity to share the story behind the data with you.

Although as a designer, you only need to design the data chart beautifully, but most designers do not know what a good visual chart is. This is also the original intention of writing this article to solve these problems for everyone.


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