Clear examples of brand positioning What have the brands that dominate the markets done to position themselves at the top? Time to analyze it! Specifically, here we leave you an example of 3 companies that have positioned their brands at the top and we explain the main actions that led them to success. Attention! 1. Tesla: the art of connecting with modern values If we were to look for a character similar to Tony Stark in real life, Elon Musk would be a very good candidate.

If we were to look for a character similar

The magnate has invested fortunes in innovation and modernization, and, without a doubt, one of his most ambitious projects has been Tesla , a VP Media Email Lists very good example of brand positioning. It is clear that this car manufacturer is not one of the many. It is an innovative proposal, which analyzed where the world is going to create a market for itself. Tesla was not born to compete directly with luxury manufacturers or with commercial brands, focused on mass sales .

What have the brands that dominate

VP Media Email Lists

The company’s mission was to innovate and connect with an underserved, green-minded—and deep-pocketed—segment of consumers. So his lesson is very clear. The importance of connecting with modern values ​​and perceptions to achieve a strong brand positioning. Today, Tesla is a company that registered a 40% increase in sales in the first 3 months of 2020, in the midst of a historic global crisis caused by COVID-19.

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