We reinforce the importance of the cultural dimension of Marketing for the success of the multilingual strategy, since in the end we want to offer our potential clients the best experience in their interactions with our brand. For this, it is necessary to speak to him in his language, correctly and naturally, without mostly automatic procedures that generate cold communication . In addition to the technical structure of the URLs of a domain in multiple languages.

In addition to the technical structure

Which we also saw in detail, the production of content that delights the user and the search engine at the same time plays a fundamental role. I now C Level Executive List invite you to download the White Paper that I wrote a while ago, in which I share all the details of how we have achieved a high average organic traffic on our blog in Spanish. . In this material, you will see many other examples of how we have applied content transcription and keyword research techniques to conquer.

Word of Mouth in free translation into Spanish

C Level Executive List

The SERPs of Hispanic countries and thus generate conversions that support our Internet business objectives. Word of Mouth, in free translation into Spanish, means word of mouth, and represents the diffusion movement that consumers make of brands, products or services of which they have references, whether positive or negative. Guest Author February 3 min read word of mouth marketing strategy.

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