In 1972 four of the best men in the american army who formed a commando. Were imprisoned for a crime they had not committed. They soon escaped from the prison in which they were being held. Today. Still wanted by the government. They survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem and you find them. Maybe you can hire them.’
This is Egypt Phone Numbers  the intro with which the a-team began. A series from the eighties that if you’re as dinosaur as I am. You’ll know because for a few years we even had it in the soup.  has to do with marketing for writers and online visibility.
Wait. Be patient.

And tell me what the a-team

When we are enterprising writers. We have our own a-team. The one that allows us to live on our own like soldiers of fortune. Choosing what we feel like writing and doing.
In our case. It is audience team a.
It is our readers who allow “Our plans to work out.”
But to have readers you need to have all four members of the command active:
Hannibal smith: the brain.
It is important to be consistent. Organized and plan. The editorial calendar will help us reach readers through google. But that calendar must be crafted head-on. With appropriate keywords for your target reader.
Phoenix templeton peck: the attraction

Egypt Phone Numbers

That content must also be of value and attractive to your reader. Both on networks and on the blog. If not.  And you won’t sell a colin.
Mad murdock
as writers. We cannot deny that. Murdock is a wonderful pilot. With a lot of tenacity and a point of madness. Just as we should be if we want to pilot a writer’s project. A lot of stubbornness. A lot of sacrifice and many hours of flight are what should adorn our jacket.
M.A. Barracus

We have a point of madness

Ma is brute force. The “I can do anything”. But also fears. Prejudices and mistrust. Which we often have to muzzle for plans to go well.
How to build our a-team? How to have online visibility?
This week. I have become nostalgic and I wanted to give you a rerun of team a. But not the one on tv but ours. The one from the audience.
The visible writer program has been running at molpe since 2015. Many students have passed through it. Many of whom are already writing professionally.
If you want to sign up for the waiting list. Here is all the information:
Let’s see. I want to find out what this is about

Only suitable for writers
With guts
If you want to live writing. You have to have guts but also get the most out of time.
With my ebook of tools. It will be easier for you.

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