By combining it with you/you, you make it personal. This way you increase your conversion power . A well-known example of the combination because and you/you is the long-standing, signature slogan of L’Oréal Paris ‘Because you’re worth it’. The slogan dates back to . About decades later, we know that no less than % of women experience this sentence as positive, recognize a powerful sentiment and respond to it. The combination of because and you ensures strong involvement and satisfaction. And? Is it clear why you had to read this article about a seemingly simple conjunction? Do you now know that and especially how you can strongly influence your conversion with this -letter word? Because because is a magic word. I regularly write about boring subjects.

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From the new pension system to self-insurance for the WGA ( say what? ). Do I offend my clients with this? I do not think so. They also know that those subjects South Korea Phone Number are not that juicy. Still, I see it as a challenge to make catchy and accessible content about this. How do I do that? lessons Save complicat concepts for later “ Energy transition is the transition to a situation in which the energy supply is structurally different in nature and form than in the current energy system.” Have I already lost your attention? I understand. Never start an article or video with a difficult term and its explanation.

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It might make sense to you to do that. Surely a reader should know what the content is about? But that will come later. First you pull your reader or viewer into your article or video. Then the rest follows. . Forget completeness Compelling content starts with a clear goal. A target. Keep that goal Consumer Lead in mind as you create content. With a complex text about the new pension system, you are probably quick to give a lot of explanation. Explanation is also important, but keep checking whether it contributes to your goal. Is it really relevant for a reader to know exactly when a particular law came into effect.

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