It’s that time of the month, time for another carrot harvest report. But this month, we’re releasing a little curve ball that we think you’ll like. In PR Directors Email Lists addition to upholding our core value of transparency and showing behind the scenes statistics on our website, including the number of leads generated by our members during the month of November, and of course where those leads came from we will share an inspiring story about an Investor Carrot member who joined less than 6 months ago and has already closed 4 deals from their Carrot website. We’re excited to share stories of members achieving their professional and personal goals and want to use those stories to help get you excited about what you can accomplish. So here’s what you need to do. First, dive in and check out November’s recap of real estate investor lead volume (motivated sellers,

Now With These Monthly Lead Reports, You Can Say

cash buyers, ticket sellers, leasing with tenants, etc. Read Tim’s excellent story, then put implement the same trainings and resources that Tim used. to PR Directors Email Lists get results. Let’s start with our Monthly Lead Harvesting Report for November As we’ve previously reported, the holiday months tend to stabilize in terms of lead volume for many of the types of leads our clients are looking for. In November, Carrot members attracted 16,616 online opt-in leads (plus thousands and thousands of phone call leads that we are unable to track), so the month was truly a very average compared to the previous 5-6 months of leads. in our carrot crop reports. Fence of REI tracks An overview of the top lead sources for November leads via Investor Carrot… SEO remains the way to attract as many leads,

What Were You Doing Before Joining Investor Carrot

PR Directors Email Lists

followed by Craigslist marketing (which is part of the “(direct)” lead source), Facebook and then Pay Per Click leads that grow. So the PR Directors Email Lists bread and butter of what we teach in our trainings for our members remains extremely solid. Now, with these monthly lead reports, you can say… “Yeah, amazing to see tens of thousands of leads every month… but are they turning into business? ” We have no way of tracking what happens to leads after a member registers them in their Carrot Lead database…

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