In addition, content marketing is very good for your findability Finland Phone Number List in search engines. Google simply loves valuable content and beautiful stories. Of course, these stories must meet certain guidelines in order to reach the right people. In terms of marketing, it must Finland Phone Number List meet all kinds of requirements. Canadian e-commerce company Shopify shows you how to use content in a simple yet powerful way to strengthen the employer brand. See image below. Content for Shopify’s employer brand. IT companies can convince potential candidates by telling fun and compelling stories via video. After all, a job vacancy video gives an applicant an idea of ​​what kind of employer he or she is dealing with.

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If you give a look at the workplace, let colleagues speak and convey Finland Phone Number the atmosphere. The applicant can feel whether he is a suitable match for your open vacancy. Watch the video of IT company Blisss, which is used for personnel recruitment. 6. Make your Finland Phone Number List employees your ambassadors Word of mouth is still the best advertising. So also use your own employees to recruit people. Many employees know people in their environment that they would like to have as colleagues. In any case, encourage your employees to post vacancies from your company on their own. Personal social media channels. Hopefully, the tips above will get you started with a marketing plan to recruit more IT candidates.

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If you are looking for a new IT person, you can have the vacancy Finland Phone Number List sent directly to all people who are registered. Here’s how one software company did it. Job alert Of course you can also use the network of your own employees by sending an internal mailing asking if they know another candidate. In return you can give a bonus. 4. Content marketing is indispensable YouFinland Phone Number List  mainly bind applicants if you provide relevant information. This is content that really matters and really helps the applicant find a new job. In the right format, through the right channel and at the right time. Information that ensures communication and interaction between applicant and organization.

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