Some brands are celebrating the changes and now it’s Nissan’s turn. Last year, the Saudi Arabian government announced that women will be Namibia B2B List allowed to drive cars, something that had been banned for decades in that country. Some brands are celebrating the changes and now it’s Nissan’s turn. In September 2017, Saudi Arabia announced that next June the women of that nation will be able to drive cars,

Last year the Government of Saudi Arabia announced

leaders hope the move will have a positive impact on the economy because it will increase the number of women working and those who already do won’t have to Namibia B2B List pay more for drivers. It’s also good news for auto companies because their market will grow. More than a hobby: the self-made musician This week, Nissa

Days Ago Saudi Arabia Made Another Major Change

Namibia B2B List

She Drives in which it recounts the challenges faced by women who want to learn to drive, such as criticism from their partners and other family members. The Namibia B2B List campaign was carried out by Dubai-based agency TBWA \ RAAD, part of the Omnicom Group. It is not the first announcement that celebrates the fact that Saudi women will be able to drive cars. Months ago, Coca-Cola published a video in which a young woman learns to drive in the company of her husband. Days ago, Saudi Arabia made another important change: for the first time in history, it allowed women to attend a soccer stadium to watch a match. They were in a special area and away from men who are not their relatives.

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