We’re changing the format of our monthly Carrot Lead Harvest reports to not only live up to our core value of transparency by displaying our real data so you can know what’s working to generate leads online and what’s not… but we want to start highlighting real stories from investors across the country so you know what they’re up to Manufacturing Directors Email Lists with some of those leads we report on every month and how they consistently land deals online.  This month, we dive into The ” Holiday Dip ” How many leads our members have generated and where they come from Highlighting Connor’s story of how he “raised” over $60,000 in Manufacturing Directors Email Lists new closed deals in the last 6 months by leveraging the Investor Carrot system and our tips (awesome!)The holiday dip (wait for the Q1 rebound!) As we’ve written before,

The Report Breaks Down the Markets for Reversals and

the holiday season (especially when the weather is harsh like some parts of the country) sees fewer home sellers taking to the web to actively sell their home. More time is spent with families and selling a home during the holidays can be difficult. However, Q3 of 2015 showed that house flips in general are up from this time in 2014, and the total lead volume for Investor Carrot members in 2015 increased significantly from Q1 to Q4. Check previous months’ harvest reports to see the upward trend. Below, we dive into where leads came from in Manufacturing Directors Email Lists December… which shows you that inbound marketing…especially SEO and content marketing are still leading the charge by a very wide margin (studies show up to 60% of the “direct” leads that Google reports actually come from Google searches).

Connor Was Brand New to the Market in 2015 and Focused and

Manufacturing Directors Email Lists

December 2015 Lead Sources for Real Estate Investing December Global Statistics So congratulations to all the Carrot members who crushed it in December and still had time to enjoy the free time, eggnog, and time with your family. Nice way to end the year! With fewer leads during the holiday months, do deals still close consistently? You bet. Realty Trac released their 2015 Third Quarter US House Flipping Report and in this report they state…” 43,197 single-family homes and condos were returned — sold in an arm’s length sale for the second time in 12 months — in the third quarter of 2015, 5.0% of all single-family home and condo sales. condos during the quarter.”

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