Almost half of social media users believe that influencer-brand partnerships lack authenticity. Facebook announced yesterday afternoon changes to Sweden B2B List its brand content policies. Which will have repercussions on trends such as influencer marketing. Within its notifications blog, facebook coined that “branded content .As content designed by a creator or publisher that highlights .A business partner or the influence they exert in exchange for value”.  Developer of the piece or creator of the idea. With this, the. Platform tries to avoid the risk that the shared materials are not even content.

Almost Half of Social Media Users Believe That Influencer

Promote, without this representing a real value for the audience. With these modifications, which will be applicable to both instagram. And facebook, one of the sectors that will .Be particularly impacted will be that of influencers. In principle. It is important to Sweden B2B List mention the figures from influencer marketing hub. Which indicate that only on instagram -one of the star platforms in. This discipline- investments in influencer marketing during 2016 reached 700 million dollars. However, for 2017 the figure is expected to reach 1.2 billion and during 2018 it will reach 1.7 billion . This means that the bulk of companies find a great ally .In this type of strategy; of only 4 percent of organizations plan to abandon their investments. In the matter. However, it is a field of .Action that lacks clear rules that affect both brands and audiences as well as the influencers themselves.

This Has Impacts on the Reach and Other Objectives That

Sweden B2B List

 The brands they work with have explicitly requested not .To alert their followers that advertising messages published are .Part of an Sweden B2B List agreement with a commercial firm, while 54 percentof the same ensures that given the increase in brands interested in publishing sponsored information through these new celebrities, it is .Increasingly complex to find a balance between talking about .A company’s proposal and publishing about what is. Really relevant to them.  Splendid communications indicate that nearly half of social .Media users believe that influencer-brand partnerships lack authenticity.

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