The ‘good’ bots

The ‘good’ bots perform tasks that do not cause harm to your website or server. Netherlands Mobile Number They announce themselves and let you know what they do on your website.

The most popular bot of this type is probably search engine crawlers. Without crawlers visiting your website to discover content, search engines would have no way to serve you information when you search for something. When we talk about ‘good’ bot traffic, we’re talking about these bots.

It’s perfectly normal for a site to have a small percentage of traffic coming from ‘good’ bots. Netherlands Mobile Number Other than search engine crawlers, some other good internet bots include:

  • SEO crawlers: If you’re in the SEO space, you’ve probably used tools like Semrush or Ahrefs to do keyword research or gain insight into competitors. For those tools to serve you information, they also need to send out bots to crawl the web to gather data.

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  • Commercial bots: Commercial companies send these bots to crawl the web to gather information. For instance, research companies use them to monitor news on the market; ad networks need them to monitor and optimize display ads; ‘coupon’ websites gather discount codes and sales programs to serve users on their websites.
  • Site-monitoring bots: They help you monitor your website uptime and other website metrics. They periodically check and report data such as your server status and uptime duration so you can take action when something’s wrong with your site.
  • Feed/aggregator bots: They collect and combine newsworthy content to deliver to your website visitors or email subscribers.

The ‘bad’ bots

The ‘bad’ bots are created with malicious intentions in mind. You’ve probably seen spam bots that spam your website with non-sense comments, irrelevant backlinks, and atrocious advertisements. You’ve probably also heard of bots that take people’s spots in online raffles or those that buy out the good seats in concerts.

It is due to these malicious bots that bot traffic gets a bad reputation, and rightly so. Unfortunately, a significant amount of bad bots populate the internet nowadays. In fact, it is estimated that traffic from malicious bots will account for 27.7% of internet traffic in 2022.

Here are some of the bots that you don’t want on your site:

  • Email scrapers: They harvest email addresses and send malicious emails to those contact.
  • Comment spam bots: Spams your website with comments and links that redirect people to a malicious website. Or in many cases, they spam your website to advertise or to try to get backlinks to their sites.
  • Scrapers bots: These bots come to your website and download everything they can find. That can include your text, images, HTML files, and even videos as well. Bot operators will then re-use your content without permission.

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