Netflix proposed amazon to hawkins, indiana as one more option to host ‘hq2. He even offers to pay $11 (for that eleven thing from stranger things). These are two of .The companies that are doing things the best in the entertainment industry. Netflix has more than 109 million subscribers worldwide and amazon prime video has .More than 41 million accounts. In the last year, these two platforms (to which we must add hulu). Have stood out with productions that have created .A strong bond with the public and have been awarded at the Uganda B2B List emmy or golden globes . However, this thursday they crossed paths again. But this time it was due to an ingenious netflix marketing action on social networks that knew how .To take advantage of a moment in which amazon made .An announcement related to what will be its second operations center.

An Ingenious Netflix Marketing Action on Social

California usually has a peculiar style for marketing its original productions .We recently saw it with black mirror and altered carbon-. But sometimes the timing with which it generates borders on genius. This thursday, amazon announced that it reduced the Uganda B2B List options to choose. The location in which it will install its second operations center.Or headquarters, also known as ‘hq2’, from 238 to 20 cities. Among which are boston, atlanta, los angeles, new york , washington dc or toronto. But, netflix took advantage of the moment to make an unusual proposal to .The company founded by jeff bezos. And, it is that in its official twitter account, netflix proposed amazon to hawkins.

An Ingenious Netflix Marketing Action on Social

Uganda B2B List

Indiana as one more option to host the ‘hq2’. Although indianapolis. Capital of the state of indiana, is included among the 20 locations. We all know that hawkins is a fictional town in which .The story of stranger things , one of the most successful netflix series. Unfolds. Even his offer includes 11 dollars, as a guarantee that it is not a joke . The Uganda B2B List amount in reference to eleven , one of the main characters. In this case played by millie bobby brown. It is clear that the .Los gatos platform does not want the new amazon operations center to be haunted by .The mysteries or paranormal worlds that exist in the series set in .The 1980s, but it was a perfect opportunity to generate conversation with users. And position its productions at a time when it no longer enjoys such a presence.

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