The streaming video company netflix has earned a significant place in. The media industry thanks to its original series model and its. Heavy investment in marketing. The streaming video company netflix has earned. A significant place in Cambodia B2B List the media industry thanks to. Its original series model and its heavy investment in marketing. During the months of october to december of last year. Netflix obtained revenues of 3 thousand 286 million dollars.

The Streaming Video Company Netflix Has Earned

an increase of 32.6 percent compared to the period of 2016. This means that every day Netflix receives more than 34 million dollars for subscription payments to Cambodia B2B List its streaming service. The international segment, that is, outside the United States, represents 1.55 billion dollars. During all of 2017 Netflix received 11 thousand 692 million dollars and invested 1 thousand 278 million in marketing. This means that every day it invests 3 million 501 thousand dollars in marketing.  Netflix points out through a statement to investors that during 2017 it had 24 million new subscriptions, six million more than the previous year.

This Means That Every Day Netflix Receives

Cambodia B2B List

Although it never gives numbers, Netflix points out that its most successful series were The Crown, Black Mirror and Stranger Things, which had new seasons. In the case of Bright, this film, which cost more than 90 million dollars, would have helped increase the number of subscriptions. The most viewed content in Mexico was Club de Cuervos and The Cambodia B2B List Day I Met Chapo. The Reed Hastings-led company had an unrecovered cost of $39 million for content it decided not to release. It was not clarified but it could be Hourse of Cards, which was postponed after the Kevin Spacey scandal.

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