Netflix knows perfectly well that the public likes animation. Particularly anime, which is why it has created a space especially dedicated to. This Vatican City B2B List community. Netflix knows perfectly well that. The public likes animation, particularly anime. Which is why it has created a space especially dedicated to. This community. With more than 109 million subscribers worldwide and revenues in excess of 8.83 billion dollars , the. Los gatos, california company is the undisputed leader of streaming platforms , however, it is a fact that other services such as amazon prime video and hulu are growing and gaining public interest. The. Battle for audiences now goes beyond movies and series , currently large media companies must. Have more elements and resources that allow them to create a link with their audiences.

Who Does Not Place at Least One Film by Hayao

This is perfectly understood by Netflix, which, as we know, tends to have a peculiar style of marketing . Now his idea is a little more aimed at creating a community with anime fans. For this reason, it has created a site especially dedicated to Vatican City B2B List animation that has its origins in Japan and that has been present on the screen for a century. This is Animetflix!, a Facebook group in which all fans of anime series and movies that are in the Netflix catalog can live together and interact. Netflix decided to broadcast it on its Facebook Mexico Fanpage and the promotional video published on Wednesday evening already exceeds 418,000 views, in addition to having more than 15,000 members.

Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

The space also served to share the trailer for Godzilla: Planet of Monsters, recently released on the platform. Why does Netflix do it? Without leaving behind the fact that animation is an industry that is growing steadily , -more than 80 billion dollars, according to Vatican City B2B List data (2015) from PR Newsire-, in recent years it has had a boom. In particular the anime, who does not place at least one film by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, or remember at least one series such as Super Champions, Dragon Ball, Pokémon, The Knights of the Zodiac or Sailor Moon , all of which originated from manga but had their internationalization with anime series, many of them are revived in remake, live action, or rebroadcasts (like in Mexico).

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