Artistic institution to be sustainable or to provide hope for the happy ending. An artistic project the creator must risk and invest himself and only be morally and materially strengthened by power. But not for the latter to take over the full coverage of the project since then we would have the corresponding problems of nationalized economic units. The private artistic initiative will then not be an initiative since it will not be combined with the personal artistic risk. Otherwise the state becomes a producer of works and the artist its employee. The artist wants and must create with or without the state and with every possible sacrifice. He wants and needs to communicate with his audience however limited it may be. The state will be an aid to this madness or make it seem less madness than it really is but it must never turn it into a state work of art. The artist should be able to count on state sponsorship but also exist in its absence.

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That is why the State will always be a coproducer of the project covering perhaps. The largest but not all cost of its production and promotion. After all this will give her the opportunity to support Banner Design more artists by reducing the chances of injustice. Because it is better to strengthen a more talented creator than to ignore a more talented one. But again we should not ignore the existing sample of the artist’s writing. It probably doesn’t make much sense. State to help artists who d Photography which we can deal with in interest is closer to a visual poetry than to the visual field. And this is because the percentage of photographers who produce visual. Photographic and unique objects in the pattern of painting is overwhelmingly smaller compared to those who generate all the rest of the photographic production. It is also much rarer to sell photographs and even at high prices corresponding to paintings.

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The photographic production of books is also. Work just as it happens with poetry while for painting the publication of albums usually accompanies. The peak of the career Consumer Lead of famous visual artists and again without constituting the body of the artistic work but only his trace. Moreover the sale of these photo albums is more in line with the sales rate of poetry collections than with that of novels. Photography is logical and selfevident to occupy a very small percentage of funds and government officials museums. Some already have them. Depending on the general object of the museums. The preferences of their curators and directors each museum may turn preferentially to a type of artistic photography. The need for an independent photography museum is not clear. After all the first and most important photography museum in the world is nothing more than an annex within a larger.

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