Still merged, natura, aesop and the body shop will operate independently. With their own ceos, according to the firm. Mexico occupies the seventh place in the direct sales industry . Which is carried out mainly by catalog. Since there are 2 million 267 thousand 994 people . In fact, one in four households has a member .Selling through this medium. Some of the most prominent brands .In the segment are natura, aesop and the body shop .Which today announced the group’s new corporate brand: natura &co .This fusion refers to the brand that gave rise to the group. But also brings elements that express the union.

Still merged, natura, aesop and the body shop will operate

Represents connection, by forming a sense of community, while the. Synthesizes connection, collaboration, co-creation and coexistence according to the company. The three companies of the group are dedicated to generating .Positive economic, social and environmental impacts. Through actions such as the Buy Estonia WhatsApp Numbers development of products from vegetable. Raw materials, with traceable ingredients and of sustainable origin. Promoting fair trade with suppliers and without testing with animals. How to keep in touch with your co-workers while .Working remotely “The brand symbolizes the. Characteristics of the new corporate union created for the group.

Refers to the brand that gave rise to the group, but also

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Said roberto marques , executive chairman of the board of directors of natura . However, it should be noted that natura, aesop and the body .Shop will operate independently. With their own ceos -joão paulo ferreira, michael o’keeffe and. David boynton. Interbrand created the new global .And timeless identity. The exclusive typography. With clean lines, evokes proximity in details such as the capital “n” at .The same height as the other letters, which also conveys equality. “believing in change, a new brand is born. Which encompasses all these ideals. Spirit of a new. Time to collaborate, co-create. Coexist, understand & converge”. Explained daniella bianchi , managing director of interbrand.

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