The production for the Benelux includes 10 to 15 larger articles per month. Press releases, human interest stories, interviews. But also hero content Venezuela B2B List such as video. Reek: ‘Made in 040, for example. A quarterly video with which we explain to younger.  Target groups in an accessible Venezuela B2B List way how health technology works. Philips and me The subjects have fixed formats. For example, for workplace formats have been developed together with HR. Which look at the strategic Venezuela B2B List topics on the HR agenda.

Philips and me Venezuela B2B List

Freek: ‘Three themes emerged: inclusion Venezuela B2B List and diversity, health & wellbeing, and future of work. We have translated this into the Philips & I series , which consists of interviews with colleagues who have a special story about Philips as an employer. For example, we make one Venezuela B2B List day a year available for volunteer work, and a colleague has used that time to make more Venezuela B2B List than a thousand elderly people happy with a personal card during the lockdown.

Venezuela B2B List

Flexible shell Venezuela B2B List

I will soon have an interview with a Venezuela B2B List colleague who will talk about neuro-diversity and how we ensure that everyone at Philips can be themselves – even with autism or ADHD. Text is important here, but photography perhaps even more so. We try Venezuela B2B List to reuse content as much as possible, in the form of short videos, slideshows on the TV screens, content Venezuela B2B List for intranet, Yammer and internal newsletters.

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